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Posted:  11 Jun 2013 06:50  
The busy schedule in the office gives health and safety a not-so-important status until some serious tragedy strikes. The employer is required to provide workplace safety to all his employees, failing this can invite legal actions against him/her. It is the right of every employee to get trained in managing health and safety. The employer should select the best training course that fulfils the safety needs of the particular workplace.
Occupational Safety and Health Act or OSHA is a health and safety standard under the US congress. “Safe and healthy working conditions for working men and women” is the core idea behind the osha courses  . OSHA ensures workplace health and safety standards by providing training, outreach, education and assistance to employees working in different industries. Some valued institutions offer OSHA recognised safety courses in India. With expert trainers, they deliver high quality safety tips to their clients based on OSHA standards. OSHA courses will instil in clients a rather holistic approach towards workplace safety. OSHA courses will train them to be vigilant about health and safety, while they are in the workplace
OSHA recognizes institutes and courses, which are committed to professionally-train employees about workplace safety. It is important for every organisation to give training for its employees to deal with safety issues in workplace. Safety training courses will equip them to face out any possible safety breach and ensure that the workplace safety is maintained.
Posted:  11 Jun 2013 15:32  
Most insurance carriers provide safety training materials and courses (or should), and it is the responsibility of every employer to provide safety training as a normal part of the job training they do for their employees.  OSHA courses are geared more toward industries that have a high risk of accidents involving machinery, vehicles, chemicals, etc.  I don't know of any OSHA courses geared specifically to interiorscaping, although the use of ladders, lifts, gantries and other equipment certainly requires training in their safe use.  If anyone knows of a specific OSHA website where we might find this info, please post the URLs here.  I hesitate to click on a link that doesn't go to an OSHA site.
Posted:  12 Jun 2013 05:05  
Posted:  13 Jun 2013 04:33  
I'm aware of that, but it's a good teaching moment for a lot of business owners and managers who think that OSHA doesn't apply to them.  I've heard some real horror stories about hefty fines and other sanctions imposed by OSHA and state labor authorities on small businesses that didn't take seriously their responsibilities to properly train and supervise the use of potentially dangerous equipment in the workplace...forklifts being operated by untrained, uncertified personnel, things of that nature.  Compliance is cheaper in the long run than damage control when something bad happens.  Ignorance is bad enough, but it can be remedied with education...but you can't fix stupid.

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