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Posted:  31 Jan 2011 23:57   Last Edited By: royalgardens 
It's a MIRACLE!!!  We have a forum that actually WORKS like a forum should!  Thanks to the new owners for getting it RIGHT!!  Although, I must say that while the interface takes a little getting used to and is different than other forums on the web, it IS ONE MILLION TIMES BETTER than the out of date dinosaur Jeff refused to update!  I fully expect to NOT be complaining at all about the quality of this forum and its usability, like I did with the old dinosaur....sheesh!

I'm looking forward to being able to post pictures, have topics not get burried, be able to edit my post(s), etc. etc. etc.!!  This is going to be GREAT!!!  FINALLY, a USABLE forum!!

Now, if we can only resurect the Interiorscape Magazine, which was so haphazardly and quickly discarded when times got tough, that would be even better!!  I really miss reading articles and seeing pictures of projects by industry leaders.  Who's gonna start it back up?  It REALLY needs to be out there still!  It was a FANTASTIC resource!
Posted:  01 Feb 2011 00:03  
I just uploaded a picture!!

Did I mention how much I LOVE this new forum!!
Posted:  01 Feb 2011 00:14  
I'm afraid the days of the print magazine (and newspaper, for that matter) are numbered.  Don't forget, we are a VERY small group of businesses that specialize in interior plants, compared with the HUGE garden center, nursery and exterior landscape industries!  In order for a publisher to make a small profit on a full-color print magazine, he has to cover the costs of editorial content, personnel, printing and mailing costs, etc., etc., etc., and with a shrinking and increasingly budget-minded advertiser base due to the ease of marketing online, where is the funding to come from?  Subscriptions?  Would you pay $100.00 or more a year for the print magazine?

I think the new owners intend to eventually have an online version of such a magazine.  The cost is much more modest, content will be much fresher, but I'd expect you'll still have to pay something for access to all of the anticipated editorial features.  Will we put our money where our mouths are?

Posted:  01 Feb 2011 00:54   Last Edited By: admin 
Actually, you do have a magazine to replace Interiorscape.  It's I-Plants online magazine and it's FREE!  I started publishing this almost a year ago, long before Interiorscape met its unfortunate demise.  To subscribe for FREE go to http://www.I-PlantsMagazine.com.  You'll also see the older issues archived on this site.

We have Barb Helfman, Lynn Griffith and McRae Anderson as monthly writers with guest writers such as Dr. Joe Cialone joining in from time to time.  Articles cover green walls, sales and marketing, info for technicians, pests and diseases and more.  And yes, color photos and live links!  It's available in both PDF and cool page-turn format.

So go to www.I-PlantsMagazine.com to subscribe FREE!

-Kathy Fediw
Posted:  01 Feb 2011 02:56  
I subscribe, and the magazine is pretty terrific...how can you go wrong with Aunt Barb in every issue?  And Lynn Griffith?  And McRae Anderson?  And it's FREE!

So what are you all waiting for?


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