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Posted:  01 Oct 2012 04:06  
if newpro is a wholesale supplier to the interiorscape industry, why do newpro ads keep popping up so often when i visit design related blogs that are consumer oriented?
Posted:  01 Oct 2012 15:26  
Cookies (or tracking malware)track your buying habits.

Posted:  01 Oct 2012 15:26  
"Tracking ads" such as those will "follow" you around the web, regardless of the type of sites you visit.  Often, they will pop up on sites that are related to your industry browsing, but once they have you in their sights, they will follow you to all sorts of unrelated sites because they know you are a potential consumer of their products.  It has nothing to do with whether the site you're visiting is a trade site or a retail consumer site.  They're stalking YOU.

Posted:  01 Oct 2012 15:44  

http://www.reviewon.com/how-those-same-online ...
Posted:  01 Oct 2012 20:11  
Hi folks,

We employ content customization techniques which allow us to display highly-relevant content and advertisements based on your previous visits to this forum and/or NewProContainers.com.

We are part of a few large advertising networks, including Google's AdWords program, which handle the negotiation and placement of individual ads. We do not control on what type of sites -- retail, wholesale, informational -- our text or image ads may appear, the number of times they may appear, etc.

Essentially, if you browse this forum, happen to check out a few products on NewProContainers.com, and then browse to your local newspaper's website, there is an increased chance that you will see NewPro ads. If you had never been to either site, our customized ads would not appear unless you performed a regular internet search for keywords which can be found on our website.

This is a very common practice, known as behavioral retargeting, and it is important to note that no personally-identifiable information is tracked or logged. It does help ensure that if you're going to see ads on a website no matter what, at least they will be ads that are relevant to your interests and customized for you.

I hope this helps.
Posted:  02 Oct 2012 00:00  
thanks for clarifying admin. i feel better now
Posted:  02 Oct 2012 02:52  
It is creepy, though.

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