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Posted:  09 Jul 2013 22:52  
Are marges and bamboo high lignt.It has been my experience that when these
two plants are in a high light situation it usually follows that there is high heat
too.Just would like to know if I'm right or not.I've had these plants in med.light
and they do much better.Also when these two plants are in high heat they get
Posted:  10 Jul 2013 04:36  
Thin-leaved foliage like marginatas and chams are prone to mites under even the best of conditions, although if they are free of mites when installed and don't get infested from other plants already on the account, they should remain mite-free.  After all, spontaneous generation was disproven a few centuries ago!

It depends somewhat on the amount of shade acclimatization the plants had at the nursery prior to shipping to you.  If they were pushed in high light, they will tend to have stiffer, more upright foliage with a yellowish-green hue.  If shade-grown or acclimatized, they will be deeper green and have a more relaxed look.  This latter group is preferable, unless you are installing the plants in a sunny atrium, for example, where high light will be the norm.

If you treat the plants for mites prior to installation, you should have clean plants going forward, subject to the disclaimer above about other infested plants nearby.
Posted:  10 Jul 2013 05:42  
That helps me a lot thanks for the info.Another question,if the ficus leaves were
grown in high light ,would there be less  of a root structure than if they were grown
in shade
Posted:  10 Jul 2013 23:32  
The root development of a healthy plant will be satisfactory in full sun or shade.  The foliage will be different, however.  Sun-grown Ficus benjamina will tend to have small, thick, hard, yellowish-green leaves, while shade-grown trees will have larger, thinner, darker-green leaves.

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