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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / General Scaper Talk / Marginata in self watering Quadro container
Posted:  22 May 2012 21:53  
I have an old (20yrs) Marginata in a self watering Quadro container.

I have some Vigoro palm food(8-4-8) in pellet form.

I don't want to spread the pellets on top of the soil since I water from the reservoir.

1. Can I put the fertilizer pellets into the reservoir?

2. Can I put the pellets into a jar and add water to disolve them and than put it in the reservoir.

3. Or should I forget both 1 and 2 and get some 8-4-8 liquid fertilizer
Posted:  23 May 2012 01:29  
I vote #3.  Why do all that extra mess?

Posted:  23 May 2012 06:15  
If you are fertilizing a plant using sub-irrigation use ONLY 25% of what the label says when mixing with water and filling the reservoir. Using 100% will probably kill the plant.

R. Wilcox

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