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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / General Scaper Talk / Looking for Western style containers
Posted:  09 Apr 2011 02:49  
I'm currently bidding a job that has a western decor. I need help finding containers. Something in a copper or black matte maybe? Any help would be GREAT!

Posted:  09 Apr 2011 17:20  
"Western" as in "John Wayne"...or as in "southwestern" early 80's style?  I think I once saw hydro planters with a distressed leather outer covering that might suggest saddlebags or whatever, plus there are any number of distressed metal containers on the market today, and hammered brass, etc.

If Southwestern, I don't know whether you could find some retro 80's urns and planters with the pastel/washed geometrics of that era, but you just might start a new fad!

Posted:  09 Apr 2011 17:52  
Thanks Clem...  Western as in John Wayne.

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