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Posted:  04 Oct 2013 22:32  
I have an older GE light meter, Type 217, with the 3 foot-candle ranges on it (grey casing, similar to the older Type 214 in the orange casing.)  Does anyone know if this is still being manufactured, and if so where you can now purchase one?  I know they can be found on eBay from time to time, not sure if they're available anywhere else.

If not, what type of light meter do you use, if any, for measuring the amount of light available for plant growth?

Thanks for your help, I'm not having any luck doing a web search on this one.
Posted:  05 Oct 2013 05:11  
Hi, Kathy,
I have a treasured GE footcandle meter of the type you mentioned.  We use it a lot in the greenhouse for poinsettia propagation light level control/measurement, and I often still bring it with me on interiorscape sales calls to impress clients (actually, to show them just how DARK it is in their "bright" office space).

I think it's been replaced with digital models.  Here's one such item in the under-$100 range:

http://www.allprosound.com/catalog/productdet ...

I would hesitate to buy one on eBay.  You'd have no way of knowing whether or not the innards have been fried by improper use, impact, etc.  Happy shopping!

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