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Posted:  16 Sep 2015 04:10  
I handle a national account with a location in Lexington Park, MD.  I can't for the life of me find a interiorscape provider in that area.  Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help is greatly appreciated!
Posted:  16 Sep 2015 14:47  
I am not sure what part of Maryland he covers, but try John Akehurst from Akehurst Landscaping.  He will take care of you, if he covers that market.  If not, I am sure that can direct you to someone who can.
Posted:  16 Sep 2015 16:16  
We've found over a dozen of our interiorscape customers in your area. We're refining the list now. I'll give you a few shortly.
Posted:  16 Sep 2015 16:23  

Jeanette at Sunset Hills Foliage

Scott at Interior Plantscapes
Posted:  25 Sep 2015 20:36  
Sunset Hills Foliage has several accounts in Lexington Park.  If you're still looking for an interiorscape provider please feel free to email me at lbrookman@sunsethillsfoliage.com.
Posted:  11 Oct 2015 02:54  
Thank you everyone for all of your help!! Sunset I just emailed you, I really hope you can take this account.

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