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Posted:  19 Oct 2012 02:33  
I was wondering in regard to leaves, what would be
the primary reason that you may get a yellowing in
the margin area as well as tips. This happen on some
not all.
Posted:  19 Oct 2012 02:55  
Most likely soluble salt toxicity or medium allowed to go too dry.  Could be fluoride toxicity, typically a "half-moon" burn along the leaf margins.

Posted:  19 Oct 2012 03:06  
Hey Clem
    Thanks for the info, we were kind of thinking
     along that line.I notice that you have an orchid
     as your picture. Do you grow them, we do and love
     it. We have a greenhouse that is 14ftx30ft full
     of orchids, we include many of them in our
      interior displays.
Posted:  19 Oct 2012 19:06  
Speaking of the picture, when do I graduate from being a "seed"? How does that whole thing work?
Posted:  19 Oct 2012 22:47  
I'm not sure about the "seed" graduation thing.  The orchid icon was assigned to me as a symbol of my "rank"...I guess how many times I've posted here since the site was re-started.

I actually started out in the biz as an orchid grower while I was still finishing up college.  Did that for five years, and went to many shows along the way.  Learned how to do plant tissue culture, too.  Still grow a couple on the windowsill at home, and our wholesale and retail operation sells quite a lot of orchids year-round.

Posted:  20 Oct 2012 03:48  
it is based upon the number of posts. totally automated and nothing else
Posted:  20 Oct 2012 03:49  
that is why i am a tap-root

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