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Posted:  21 Sep 2011 02:19  
LED's seem to be on the horizon as the most energy efficient light sources. They are still prohibitively expensive to purchase, but apparently prices are expected to come down and they do save money over the long term.

I am wondering if there is any research information on their utility as plant lights.

~Will Creed
Posted:  21 Sep 2011 15:28  
There are already LED grow light systems being used by hydroponic growers:


And there are many articles online regarding the efficiency and benefits of LED grow lights for indoor gardening:


I would guess that intensity will be the limiting factor for plant growth response, and that will determine costs and feasibility for use in settings where the fixtures will be visible to the public, as in interiorscape applications.

Posted:  30 Sep 2011 14:05  
Wide-spectrum LED - Technological advances make LED spectrum practice - better than the blue one! Broad-spectrum LEDs used to start seeds early in the season and growing herbs and leafy vegetables. Add red LEDs to promote plant growth and fruit production throughout the season.

Indoor gardens, orchids, African violets, herbs and leafy vegetables.
From seeds of principle: Get a jump on Mother Nature!
Greenhouses Supplement natural light to promote growth of plants.
Hydroponic gardening: Combines the best of LEDs and hydroponics.
University Research Programs: Opportunities to publish in LED lighting.
Residential Replace incandescent 40 and 60 watts by 4 watt LED bulbs.
Posted:  09 Jan 2012 20:19  
brilliant idea
Posted:  19 Jan 2012 16:12  
... No pun intended here?! LOL

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