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Posted:  31 May 2011 17:03  
I was in Joplin for three days doing volunteer work It was in connection with the Kansas City BBQ Society.As of Sunday night we had prepared 150,000 fresh hot BBQ meals.It was quit an amazing effort by a group that had never done anything like this before.On one day I was heading up a team that drove into and all around the disaster feeding survivors who were gathering up any belongings they could salvage.It was an experience I will never forget.Really pulled at your heartstrings.
Sam's and Walmart were amazing in their support.We had semi trailers delivered to us on site with huge amounts of food and supplies.We had about 15 huge smokers on flatbeds brought there by members of the BBQ society cooking 24/7.Red Cross and Salvation Army asked us to supply them as well.I have never seen a volunteer effort of this magnitude operate so well.I think that our government could learn something from them.They began organizing this effort Monday morning after the storm and were in Joplin Tuesday morning serving meals and cooking around the clock!!  Wow...We quickly became the "go to" place of all the police,sheriffs,rescue teams,etc. because we had the very best food available.Television can not give you a grasp of how bad the destruction was and the scale of it.I had seen it on TV but when I drove into it all I could say was "OH MY GOD".The people were so thankful for the out pouring of effort by all the volunteers.Plenty of hugs and tears.

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