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Posted:  08 Jul 2011 01:04  
Good Evening,

I'm an interiorscape student that needs help with an assignment.  I currently need to interview an owner or manager of an interiorscape business.  I have just 7 quick questions and was wondering if anyone would be so kind to help me out.  I definitely will appreciate this.

Thank you.
Posted:  08 Jul 2011 15:23  
Joy, can you just post the questions?
Posted:  09 Jul 2011 17:05  
1)Tell me something about your Co.
a)number of employees
b)brief history
d)future plans
2)How did you get into the interiorscaping industry?
3)Describe a typical day for you and/or your plant technicians.
4)What do you like about your job?  What are your dislikes?
5)What skills or education should someone have who is considering a career in the interiorscaping industry?
6)What is a typical career ladder for someone in the interior plantscaping industry?
7)Is there anything else one should know about this industry if someone is considering a career in it?
Posted:  12 Jul 2011 01:48  
ok so no one wants to help. message me thru the pm feature with your name e-mail and phone number and i will talk with u
Posted:  12 Jul 2011 23:28  

No worries, man...I'm working with Joyqmom privately.  Anyone else who cares to pitch in their two cents' worth can privately message on this site and make their own contacts.

Posted:  13 Jul 2011 03:39  
clem, and everyone else for that matter. lets get it straight right now that alex is not a man
Posted:  13 Jul 2011 16:31  
"Man" is a colloquial expression that is gender-neutral!

But it's good to know...

Posted:  13 Jul 2011 18:51  
Joyqmom, If I were you I would get a second opinion.
Posted:  13 Jul 2011 23:14  
and clem is something that rhymes with flem LOL

man u r too funny
Posted:  14 Jul 2011 14:54  
I was really hoping I will get an overwhelming response.  To my surprise that didn't happen.  The only person who truly reached out to me was Clem.  Thank you so much Clem.
Posted:  14 Jul 2011 20:52  
apparently you missed the post where I reached out to you also, but you chose to only rely on clems information so as they say on shark tank my offer is withdrawn
Posted:  15 Jul 2011 21:09  
"clem, and everyone else for that matter. lets get it straight right now that alex is not a man"

Confuse you for a man?? No worries. Little person maybe but not a man.
Posted:  15 Jul 2011 23:23  
very BIG of you jerry. i am quite petite actually
Posted:  16 Jul 2011 00:52  
Hey, Alex, are you the Alex from upstate NY who sent me the cookies after I conferred with you on your project?

Posted:  16 Jul 2011 17:33  
no clem
Posted:  16 Jul 2011 19:18  
Too bad...those were good cookies.  Can you bake?

Posted:  18 Jul 2011 06:47  

The reason you didn't receive lots of response was because you asked too many questions that if answered right would take LOTS & LOTS of time. You won't find many individuals who have the time to give you truly detailed answers to your questions.
However, that said, Clem will give you some of the best answers available. Also you should search the whole site and you will get many of your questions answered. Also go here....http://www.interiorplantscaper.com/greenchat/   and search that site.

Rick W.

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