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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / General Scaper Talk / How the reputation management will be?
Posted:  23 Aug 2013 07:01  
There is no question that people are putting a lot more of themselves out there online these days with the rise of social media. At this point, it seems that generations will be born into this lifestyle. Who knows what other tools/services will be popular in the future?
so share your view on this for the next generation
Posted:  23 Aug 2013 15:05  
Posted:  01 Sep 2013 03:45  
I posted this once a few minutes ago, but it doesn't seem to be here, so if it appears magically again, chalk it up to dark ages tech.
The future... Implanted hardware; screens projected into the air from device fitted to hand; for the extreme, screen projected directly on to the retina, available at an eye blink.  Self driving cars so people don't have to choose between being connected and dying.  Clothing projected from "underscreens". Nano-nurses scurrying about inside your body destroying cancer cells and repairing joints.
On the other side of the coin, to counter the extreme depersonalization of everything, people to handmade everythin;, small groups for sports, hobbies, anything you can think of; plants in everyone's homes with centralized horticulturist available to monitor and care for all, unless homeowner is into DIY.
Posted:  02 Sep 2013 03:51  
There's no question that the near and distant future will feature all sorts of technological advances that we cannot even imagine yet.  When we were watching Star Trek in the 1960s, did anyone think we'd all be carrying "communicators" like those used by Captain Kirk and Mister Spock by the end of the last century?  But many of the advances are things we probably aren't even thinking of at this point.  And many that do happen will fade into obsolescence, to be replaced by something "better" in a very short time.  Barb Helfman once advised me that any article or blog I would write should avoid one topic: trying to predict the future of our industry.  There are so many variables and unforeseen events and developments ahead that it would be silly to try to make such predictions.  I can validate that theory with an example: when I was a small child reading "The Golden Books" series of children's books on all sorts of topics, one of my favorites was "The Golden Book of Helicopters", because on the very last page, a suburban family is shown outside their tidy Cape Cod home getting ready to board their family helicopter for a day of flying.  Well, we all know how that turned out.

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