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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / General Scaper Talk / Help! Bacteria at bottom of containers due to people poring drinks
Posted:  23 Dec 2015 21:06  
One of my biggest account is having an issue with the quality of air in the building. It s an old mall converted into a state office.
People are poring coffee, creamer, milk, tea, ect and it is accumulating at the bottom of my 4 ft planters.
Does anyone have a suggestion on how to reinvent the interior-scaping. I can get different containers but not sure if there is something else I can do.

Thanks so much,
Posted:  29 Dec 2015 16:15  
I think we first need to figure out how to "re-invent" the human brain.  If people weren't so thoughtless and spiteful, we'd be able to make some progress.
Posted:  05 Jan 2016 16:11  
Try a little sign in the planter for awhile. Maybe whoever is doing this is a repeat offender(s). Maybe they don't know any better.
Posted:  08 Jan 2016 23:42  
We tried signs with one special planter and it worked
Posted:  10 Jan 2016 00:25  
Maybe a little inconspicuous digital webcam positioned to record the evil-doers would help.  I can see it now...the H. R. manager's office, Herbie onscreen pouring his latte into your Ficus tree...oh, the humanity!

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