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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / General Scaper Talk / Finding Plants out side of the nursery for those who want it all
Posted:  24 Sep 2012 02:23  
I have lived most of my life in east central Florida & I'm not no plant expert but have work two years of my life mowing grass & laying down mulch beyond work there has been a few times I have indulge in some special home projects making a nature trail threw a small plot of woods in the back yard where we left it as natural habitat when me & my wife had our house built.Most of this plot was shaded with oak tree's & there was scrub palms on on side of plot,for a while there we had some scrub jays well anyways I was trying to mix all the wild & domestic plants I could find many of the variety's of plants people would buy I found in vacant over grown lots around the neighbor hood where people dump there yard clippings & I went to a dump that just the county used many years ago that had turn back into a natural habitat where I found plants that people probably grew in the 1940's I'm sorry I don't remember the names of all these plants I had found once my x wife told me & now I have forgot except for the Boston Ferns,some kind of yellow lily a bird of paradise Bromolades which as you can see I can't spell.some weird kind of tube like Venus fly traps & small 8''high orange lily out near cow pasture land.I thought some plant lovers that have not gone exploring area's like I have mention might enjoy doing so so good luck to those who can dig it.
Posted:  24 Sep 2012 19:07  
Next stop: Borneo!

Posted:  06 Oct 2012 23:49  
No, no, next stop Florida, which is the nearest thing to Borneo many of us who live here would say
Posted:  06 Oct 2012 23:51  
No, no, next stop Florida, which is the nearest thing to Borneo many of us who live here would say

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