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Posted:  19 Jun 2014 17:49  
Hey gang, been quite a few moons since I've been on the board here.  I have a need for a client which is for us to install (2) Citrus trees in a "white Victorian style planter" (Thinking urn or something) with a sub-irrigation system.  This is for a residential client and we will not be maintaining.  I recall a vendor a a few years back advertising, never used them but can't find anything of who they are.  Any help on suppliers/manufacturers, Clem, Steve etc?  Root balls are 30 gallon or 24"

Posted:  20 Jun 2014 00:50  
I will dig up a supplier, but can you do Chippendale square planters?
Posted:  21 Jun 2014 00:53  
Tournesol Siteworks (CWI Subirrigation) has exterior options on many of its container irrigation products.  You would need to find an urn that will fit one of them inside to make it work.  They have an overflow port that vents excess water out of the reservoir through the sidewall of the system so that rainwater will not flood the planter.  Your container will have to be pretty much cylindrical to accommodate one of these, though.  You can check the specs (especially outside diameters and heights) to figure out how big an urn will fit the system:

http://tournesolsiteworks.com/product-CWI%20C ...
Posted:  21 Jun 2014 00:57  
I believe Lechuza also offers an exterior overflow option on several of its models:

http://www.lechuza.us/CUBICO-Cottage/CUBICO_C ...

Not exactly an urn, but a vertical planter that will display your citrus trees in a similar fashion to an urn.

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