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Posted:  21 Dec 2011 04:34  
I have an existing client wanting me to install plants and a color change in planter beds outside. What I need some assistance on is how often are they changed and how do you bill it, per change or monthly?

I will install some permanent plants and change the flowers.

I would appreciate any help.

Happy Holidays to all!

Jennifer Exotica West Interiorscapes
Posted:  21 Dec 2011 13:39  
Will you be maintaining the beds or just installing and walking away? Irrigation?
Posted:  21 Dec 2011 23:34  
I will be maintaining and they are irrigated.
Posted:  22 Dec 2011 17:37  
Then it's just like an interior maintenance contract with color changes.  We bill some on a per-changeout basis, some included with the monthly service charges.  Your changeout schedule depends on the client's budget and degree of finickiness...ASK them!

Posted:  23 Dec 2011 03:21  
Thanks Clem. I knew you would come through. I think I will charge per change out.

Happy Holidays to all!

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