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Posted:  17 May 2012 23:45  
I know this is a really dumb question but I thought I'd ask it anyhow. Has anyone used a prominent client as a reference only to find that client doesn't have the greatest reputation? Just curious
Posted:  18 May 2012 16:41  
There are no dumb questions, only dumb answers.  I hope this one doesn't qualify as that!

Your emphasis on the referral should be on the installation and maintenance you provided them and how that reflects on your professional reputation, not on the client's reputation.  So it really shouldn't matter if your reference includes photos of the job showing the quality of your work.  That's the best advice I can give you for that situation.  The emphasis should be on YOU, not the referring client.  After all, we deal with all kinds of people in business, some nice, some not so nice, and nobody can hold that against us...in fact, that in itself is kind of a good reference item in the sense that you can deal with all kinds of clients.

Posted:  24 May 2012 06:56  
You mean like if you do a plant scape job for Mr. Mitt Romney or someone of that low caliber and you wonder if you should use him for a reference?  Absolutly it is the quality of your work not the quality of the client that helps you to show your mettle.  And even if the low caliber reputation gives you a reference it is still the work it self not the Mitt Romney reputation that shines thru.  So go for it nicki43
Posted:  31 May 2012 22:00  
I have not been on this site for a couple of years but if this is the quality of comments being made i didn't miss anything. why can't you airheads leave your political comments to political forums and blogs and leave this venue to true scapers.
Posted:  01 Jun 2012 00:13  
"Lacy La Plant" thinks he/she is clever.  Don't go by that crap, most of the exchanges on the forum are useful.


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