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Posted:  20 May 2013 21:15  
I have an account with warneckii lemon limes that are
direct planted.There are brown and yellow half  circles
on both sides of the leaves on the older growth.The new
growth is clean,but this keeps happening occasionally
on the older leaves.Could this be from flouride damage
Would appreciate some help on this
Posted:  21 May 2013 02:33  
It sure could be fluoride damage.  Have you checked into the water at this account?  If you call the municipality in which it's located, they should be able to confirm that.  If so, there are a couple of things you can do to mitigate the damage:

1. Leach the medium with lukewarm non-fluoridated water.  Fluorides don't persist in soils that are regularly deeply irrigated.  If the conditions where these plants are growing don't lend themselves to frequent leaching...

2. Apply gypsum or limestone to the medium, because they contain calcium ions, which can "tie up" fluoride ions into a relatively insoluble mineral form, calcium fluoride, that will not harm the plants.  Flowable agricultural dolomitic limestone applied every couple of months is recommended for Dracaena warneckii fluoride remediation.

Good luck!

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