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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / General Scaper Talk / Does everyone include outside plants in their plant replacement guarantee?
Posted:  24 Jun 2014 15:49  
We have never included outside plants in our guarantee but now it seems that my competitors have begun to include this. I have been told by my customers that they have been approached by other companies that will also do the job for less money as well as guarantee the outside plants.  Is this the new normal now?
Posted:  25 Jun 2014 17:48  
If you're maintaining the exterior plantings, you will have to guarantee them in order to get the account.  Nobody wants to pay $$$$$ for the install and $$$ every month for maintenance services and then get a bill for $$$$ for dead plants that you were supposed to be providing with "professional care".

We have a large garden center and provide planting, but not maintenance, services to our customers who buy shrubs, trees, perennials and annuals from us.  We guarantee things we plant for a year (which I think is very liberal), even though we don't provide their care.  Home Depot does the same.  There can be undeniable evidence that the dead plants were never watered from Day One, and the customer still is entitled to a new one.  Insanity.  But that's the market we live in today.
Posted:  26 Jun 2014 00:33  
sounds insane to me. we don't guarantee exterior
Posted:  07 Aug 2014 09:22  
your guarantee should exclude fire, flood, freezing , theft vandalism, extreme whether, you get the idea. then whats to be afraid of?
Posted:  26 Aug 2014 20:42  
I have teamed up with an exterior landscaper/ Garden Center and i sub contract everything except container gardening and interior-scaping and they do the same for me. People love a 'one-stop shop'and it allows my company to solve my customers needs tremendously.
Posted:  26 Mar 2015 20:56  
Maybe I should clarify my above statement... We never guaranteed the outside container plantings.   If there is a freeze here in Florida, that would be very expensive to replace every plant outside in a container.  Plus people pour their drinks in them and use them for trash cans, kids poke holes in their leaves, not to mention the wind and storms we get damages them as well.  That is why we never guaranteed outdoor container plantings. I was wondering if everyone else is starting to guarantee their outdoor plants in planters?  I know I can't do it for less money....

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