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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / General Scaper Talk / Does anyone provide floral arrangements for their clients? How do you price them?
Posted:  09 Mar 2011 04:05  
A client wants cut flowers and vases.  I provided them, however, do not know how to price them.  Want to be fair, affordable, but do not want to lose profit.
Posted:  09 Mar 2011 16:27  
Cost plus markup = selling price.

You know what the materials and labor to make and deliver the arrangements are going to cost you on a weekly basis or whatever you decide upon, then you add your desired profit margin, and voila! 

Be sure to charge for two of each container up front if they're pricey decorative vases, so you can rotate them at each changeout, bringing back the one from last time to be cleaned and re-used in the next changeout.  If they're just cheap glass or plastic containers, that's not really necessary, but price accordingly.

Posted:  17 Apr 2011 13:31  
As someone who has done floral work for years in addition to Interior Plantscaping...do you design?  Is this out of your realm?  If so, seek out a florist that can provide for your client, chat with them, reccommend them to the client.  You could work together to provide great product and service.  If you only want the money, that's a bad reason to do this.  However, if you start networking with others to help your client out...that could become a relationship that is worth more than the money from a weekly vase of flowers!

Just sayin! 
Posted:  17 Apr 2011 14:44  
Or just partner with a local florist and markup the piece a bit to make it worth your while to deliver it.

Posted:  06 Sep 2011 10:03  
Or just partner with a local florist and markup the piece a bit to make it worth your while to deliver it.

I was going to suggest that as well. But if you don't want to partner with anybody then you could check out the prices for flowers online to get an idea what florists charge momentarily. If you Google “florist +your city” then you'll get a hand full of search results. I tried it out with "florist in London" and it worked well. Maybe this will help you to get an idea.
Posted:  07 Sep 2011 01:51  
In the USA, many large supermarket chains (ShopRite, Kings, etc.) have floral departments where floral designers are employed to make arrangements.  Check out the prices for floral pieces that they can make for you.  That makes it convenient to pick them up on the way to your delivery stops, and the price will be considerably less than at a stand-alone florist shop in most cases.

Posted:  08 Sep 2011 20:04  
I think Jason and Clem have the right idea.  Let the florist do the work, and you take the glory.

But I have to disagree with using supermarket chains as your supplier.  I'm all for using local businesses.  I know, it's all about the bottom line and getting a good product for less, but I like helping them out.  They appreciate it a whole lot more.
Posted:  08 Sep 2011 20:59  
Well, the supermarket chains happen to be small businesses in many instances.  They may fly the ShopRite banner, but the individual stores are often owned by independents.  So that makes them locally-owned small businesses in that respect.

The problem with using a retail florist shop for your arrangements is that they will want to charge you a price that could make the piece too costly for you to re-sell and make a profit.  The discount you might get at the supermarket floral department will probably make it an easier sell.

Posted:  08 Sep 2011 21:33  
Okay, let me rephrase that.

Local business that aren't national franchises.
Posted:  10 Feb 2012 17:23   Last Edited By: David Schnider 
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Posted:  14 Feb 2012 13:24  
Talk them into orchids or broms. then do a scheduled color rotation.
Posted:  21 Aug 2012 18:23  
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