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Posted:  15 Mar 2011 18:42  
Did you get your March issue of I-Plants Magazine? If not, here's your chance.

This month's issue focuses on urbanscaping/patioscaping (outdoor container gardens.)  This is a great way to diversify just a little and better service your existing clients, as well as getting your foot in the door for new clients.  With articles by McRae Anderson, Barb Helfman, John Mendozza of Morning Dew and guest columnists Helen Farrington and Curtiss Wynn from Botanical Designs in Seattle.

And it's free!  Just go to http://www.pageturnpro.com/Johnson-Fediw-Asso ...

PDF versions and sign-up for free subscription are available at http://www.I-PlantsMagazine.com

Clem likes it, you will too!

-Kathy Fediw
Posted:  15 Mar 2011 22:13  
Good stuff, Kathy!

The Containerscaping article is very appropriate, as we are about to emerge from our igloos in the Northeast and look forward to getting our hands dirty outdoors again this season.

Posted:  29 Mar 2011 05:27  
This is great Kathy.  It's nice to have an online format to read articles by industry people.  The pictures are great too.
I thought the online format on my computer was an easy read.  This from a person who thought they would NEVER use a computer to read magazines or newspapers.  You proved me wrong.

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