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Posted:  27 Feb 2014 00:44  
How much cold damage have you seen or experienced? I don't do the work anymore but walking by a few smaller places a couple Palms with fronds frozen to the window.

Two taller canes less than a foot from entry doors with that dark green bad lettuce look.
Posted:  27 Feb 2014 02:54  
Nothing out of the ordinary, Mike, but some tip-burn on windowsill plants (mostly personal) in offices.

So what are you up to these days?  Change of industries?  Hope all is well with you.
Posted:  06 Mar 2014 05:19  
Thanks Clem.
You could say that more like trying to find a job.
Had a good job with a family owned company in the northern 'burbs of Chicago but was only part time and then took a chance with a closer company advertising a need for a full time tropical plant "manager" then lost a large acct. (a 1/4 of my work) to a competitor then was no longer employed and it's been nothing in 18 months.
I ride a bike and have for 9 years and every company wants you to have a car for accts. in the city?
Posted:  07 Mar 2014 16:35  
Sorry to hear that, Mike.  Maybe you need to relocate to a different market where there might be more opportunities...a growing area like the Southwest or Pacific Northwest might suit your needs better than a downward-trending area like Chicago.  Sadly, you sometimes need to follow the work in order to find the best opportunities.  Good luck.
Posted:  07 Mar 2014 19:32  
Maybe Clem? but once,twice,thrice bitten equals apprehension and Chicago is building left and right with new construction, rehabs... and the world leader is headquartered here so if the market is down here whats the forecast in other regions?

According to the UI rate the only states with low unemployment also have some of the lowest population, how much business could you generate when the major city in the region is only a few hundred thousand?
Posted:  08 Mar 2014 00:08  
Well, if you're one of the two or three companies in such a market, you can do quite well, believe me.  And if you are a professional interiorscaper and you are competing with florists and exterior landscapers, you've got an edge right there.  Worth exploring.

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