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Posted:  03 May 2012 22:54  
I guess I already know the solution to my problem and that is get it in writing, however I am wondering if any of you have experienced a client like the one I have. This client ordered 2 trees for his outside area. I purchased and installed them. When I went on my scheduled visit he asked me if I had placed those trees outside. I replied I did, and he proceeded to ask me the cost. When I told him he denied ever ordering them, said they were not the color he wanted, etc. This is not the first time he has done this to me. He will try to intimidate me to change the price, or return the item. Do any of you have a client like this, and how do you handle it. I understand I should get his orders in writing. Any other suggestions.
Posted:  03 May 2012 23:41   Last Edited By: number2211 
I would remove everything I had installed.  He never ordered anything, so he won't miss it, right?   If you have to eat the loss, so be it.  Chaulk it up to a lesson learned.  It'll also help show that you won't be a pushover.

Before I started my small business, I asked an older gentleman at work, who had run a flower shop for 32 years, about pricing.  He told me that if you cave and change your price once, they'll expect you to cave every time.  You've set your price, it's the price you need to make a profit and pay your expenses, so stick with it.  If they don't like it, they're welcome to go somewhere else.

And you're right, definitely get it in writing, especially if he's proven himself to be a nuisance, or just don't deal with him.

Hope this helps!
Posted:  04 May 2012 14:58  
Be careful about removing anything before you get this resolved IN WRITING...many states' laws pass title to personal property as soon as an invoice or delivery receipt is signed by the customer, and therefore the property may not be yours to reclaim without written agreement by the client.

That said, you obviously have a client you cannot trust.  Since there is no "handshake" relationship with this client, in the future all transactions MUST require a signed purchase order prior to installation, and a signed delivery receipt stating that the items sold and received by the client are in agreement with the terms of the P. O. and are satisfactory to the client for that purpose.  And you might consider putting them on COD for the installs, even if you have them "on account" for service billings.  Just sayin'.


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