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Posted:  23 Nov 2011 03:51  
How do you work it if a client orders an odd number of poinsettias and the supplier only allows so many/case? In other words, say the client want 23 poinsettias and the supplier packages them 15plants/case?
Posted:  24 Nov 2011 01:43  
you sell your client the 23 that they want and sell the rest to another client or donate them to a nursing home etc.
Posted:  24 Nov 2011 14:32  
Use the extras as replacements if you don't get more requests from your other accounts. Use them to stroke your existing accounts if you have any left by the second week of December or when you are tied of stepping around them.
Posted:  08 Dec 2011 23:51  
Keep the extra poinsettias and play bowling with them as the pins!  Great way to relieve holiday stress and far cheaper than a psychiatrist.

Enjoy the holidays,

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