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Posted:  14 Jan 2011 16:59  
What's the average current market price for healthy and profitable accounts?
I hear anything from 6 to 24 the monthly recurring.
Have you heard of any transaction going on and what ratio they used?
Posted:  14 Jan 2011 17:39  
It's going to vary depending on the buyer and the nature of the accounts.  I was taught that about 3-6 months' recurring income was about right, but that was some years back.  But no price is a good price if a good percentage of the accounts cancel on the new owner.

Posted:  18 Jan 2011 05:51  
True enough Clem.  Any account can cancel if they don't want to lose their tech too.  New owner or not.  I've seen it go both ways.  Some were happy to work with new company.  Some were not.  Buying a mailing list is what it amounts to.  Not much can beat a great tech with a great working relationship with client.

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