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Posted:  06 Dec 2016 07:55  
Hello all,
I have a interior garden which I have been maintaining for 1 year. Till last month I didn't have any problem. But during the last week of last month I was out for a work and when I returned home I heard some noise in my indoor garden. When I went there, I saw 2 raccoons playing in my indoor garden spoiling every plant which I maintained all these days. I was just angry and I made noise and both of them ran away. I somehow set my garden again and the next day they came again. I was frustrated then and I soon called Raccoon removal Toronto ( http://www.hawkeye.ca/pest-wildlife-animals/t ... ) and they came and set a trap for them. The next day, they got trapped and the pest removal service reached my home and took both the raccoons with them. They also told me to check my garden for any holes or damages. Those raccoons had scratched through my wall. I had to spend a lot of money to repair the damages.
Does anyone here had the same situation??
Posted:  14 Jan 2017 20:36  
No, and the damage they did should be considered tolerable, because you were lucky enough that they weren't in the house while people were in the space, or there could have been some nastiness.  Raccoons are commonly rabid in many areas, so there's that as well.

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