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Posted:  03 Mar 2012 19:41  
Hello everyone, I recently found these forums and have been doing a lot of research on starting a Plantscaping business.  I came across Green-Concepts.com and was considering this program.  Has anyone used it or heard anything about it?  I am wondering if it would be worth the $1000?  Or should I just get some contracts from somewhere else and try to do it on my own with all of your help here?  Any info. or advice is much appreciated.  Thank you.
Posted:  03 Mar 2012 21:53  
that looks like someones "green concept" to me. read between the lines and do some research on these people.i have been in the business 30 years and have never heard of them. why dont they list any way to contact any of their 800 franchisees? they don't seem to be supporters of our industry green initiative http://www.gpgb.org

need i go on?
Posted:  04 Mar 2012 23:42  
I don't have anything against a turn-key software package tailored to specific industries, especially an industry as specialized as ours.  And I certainly don't begrudge any entrepreneur a fair profit on their intellectual property and hard work!  It's the risk-takers who drive our economy, after all.

Shop around, there are several different packages and vendors out there you can look at.  Shining Brow is one that has products specific to the industry.  Compuscapes is another.

If it's primarily forms you're after (e.g., contracts), get in touch with Rick Wilcox of Southwest Plantscape Products (I believe he's a member of this forum); he has a library of boilerplate for the industry and shares it generously.

Posted:  05 Mar 2012 00:53  
Way back when, about 10 years ago, when I first started my interiorscape business, I reviewed a little of their package and wasn't impressed.  I think they were asking $500 or so for it back then.  Having had some experience in the industry already, I didn't think it was worth it.  If I remember correctly it was heavy on the office information/sales and marketing advice and very limited on the technical side. 

My .02 cents.

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