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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / Plants / Adonidia Merrillii yellowing leaves
Posted:  21 Aug 2016 21:33  
New to this variety of palm, in a large atrium setting, multiple plants. About 61/2-7 feet high, just getting to their second layer of leaves. All have new growth coming out, but the color af the leaves is not good, some curling.They all seem to drain at different rates,-I wasn't there for the install, so their drainage setup is as yet an unknown.Tried an organic, time release fertilizer,..but outside of some growth, the color is not good. Ideas?
Posted:  26 Aug 2016 16:44  
Could be mites, could be root issues, could be light issues, could be fertilizer or pH issues.  Can you give us more info about the site, light, temps, fertilizer schedule, pest control methods, etc.

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